Prostate Massage in London

Prostate massage is often used for sexual stimulation and can provide a man with a very intense orgasm.

The therapist begins by sensuously massaging your body, slowly leading to the inner thighs and anal area. The therapist will then begin to massage your prostate externally. Using her index and middle fingertips, the masseuse will touch, rub, stroke, or press your perineum, the area of skin underneath the testicles.  

Out of this world orgasm

The therapist will use her finger to gently massage your prostate while sometimes using her other hand to stroke other parts of your body for additional arousal. This can create intense sensations, and men who receive the massage often give descriptions similar to females' accounts of g-spot stimulation. As the masseuse is massaging your anus she will also be stimulating your penis, as well as gazing into your eyes. This combination can cause an explosion of excitement. This really is sensual massage London style, a fantastic combination of first class erotic touch given by a beautiful woman.

Health Benefits

Prostate massage does not just give you an incredible orgasm it also provides you with many health benefits. These benefits include unclogging your testicles of dead sperm. The intense orgasm it also provides will release certain chemicals in the brain that many scientists suggest could possibly cure all types off ailments from headaches to cancer.

So if you want to experience a healthy massage which is also very erotic having a prostate massage in London is the the therapy for you. To make a booking with one of our lovely erotic masseuses please phone.