Erotic Body to Body Massage In London

A very intimate and sensual b2b experience awaits with this naughty massage encounter.

The whole purpose of erotic body to body massage in London is not to just have a regular massage followed by a boring happy ending.

The aim is to build the massage is a crescendo of orgasmic waves which will both free the stress from your body and mind.

The masseuse will use her body to caress and to stimulate your body including your most intimate areas.

The masseuse will use every part of her body to rub against your body, this including her using her breasts, legs, arms and sometime even feet to erotically stimulate you.

She will use her body weight to relax your muscles, and having a sexy woman on doing this on top of you really feels wonderful.

Naked Fun Sensual City Style!

In this therapy both you and the masseuse will be naked. These body to body session usually start off with a relaxing deep tissue style massage.

The masseuse will then take off her clothes, to reveal a very attractive body, and then proceed to give you a lovely all over body rub.

This will then progress into a full sensual body massage with the masseuse getting her body on top of yours and moving into all manner of erotic positions.

The masseuse will normally use tantric massage techniques in the final stage of the session, focusing on the lingam and groinal area, stroking and teasing until you cannot take any more.

As you might imagine, this is very enjoyable and extremely therapeutic as well.

It is a well known fact that releasing certain chemicals in your brain after having an orgasm is a great boost to you immune system.

Once you have had you orgasmic release, the masseuse will give you a nice head massage to finish.

After this you can take a shower to refresh and then you can head out into the world feeling fully relieved and reinvigorated.

What you need to do next…

If you think this is a style of sensual therapy that you might like then we advise you to browse our gallery of sexy masseuses and choose the female you like.

Once you know the girl you want to see, and you also know the time and date that you would like to arrange you meeting for.

Call us to make a booking with one of our lovely girls.