How Massage Can Boost The Immune System

You should never be ashamed to be good to yourself.

Self-care was once considered selfish, overindulgent, and sinful.

Some of that stigma still exists today, which makes some of us reluctant to pamper ourselves.

A sensual massage is something you should treat yourself to regularly, if only to assert the fact that you deserve it.

But even if you are reluctant to do something purely for enjoyment, there are other reasons to get a sensual massage.

Massage is known to have health benefits, including boosting the immune system as a whole.

Your immune system

Sensual massage boosts your immune system in a number of ways, improving your overall health and preventing illness.

It gives you the strength you need to live a busy life, balancing work, relationships, and leisure.

Increase blood flow

It does this, for one, by increasing your blood flow. The squeezing and pulling of muscle and tissue flushes lactic acid from the muscles.

This improves circulation, carrying away metabolic waste from the muscles and internal organs.

By doing this, it lowers blood pressure and improves body function.

Release endorphin’s

Endorphin’s are neurotransmitters that have pain-relieving properties.

They also reduce stress and slow the ageing process.

Massage releases endorphin’s in the body, bringing about these positive changes and increasing the health of the immune system as a whole.

Endorphin’s also have important antidepressant properties. Not only does massage improve the health of the physical immune system, but also mental health immunity.

Relax the body, mind and soul

Relaxation is one of the most underrated things in Western culture.

In a world in which efficiency and productivity is glorified, relaxation can seem like a waste of time and potential.

Relaxation is crucial to personal health. Stress, both physical and mental, compromises the immune system, leaving you open to illness.

Massage relaxes the mind and body. Sensual massage takes it to another level, bringing more balance to the body, mind and soul.

Balance is incredibly important, but is not possible if you ignore your own sensuality.

Combating illness

On its own, massage has tremendous health benefits. When you’re ill, it can be used as part of your treatment regimen.

It will not only improve how you feel, but increase the efficacy of the other components of your treatment.

It can even be beneficial in cases of terminal illness. While it cannot cure what is incurable, it can improve quality of life, as well as reduce pain and increase the effects of treatment designed to make one more comfortable.

Massage does not have to be sensual to have major health benefits. However, sensuality brings in a component that is important to all of us.

Science is increasingly acknowledging the importance of sensual health to overall health. With a sensual massage, you get it all.