What is Chinese Massage?

Chinese massage is a form of therapy that releases tight knots in the muscles and aims to promote the flow of energy, known as chi, around the body.

Practitioners believe blockages or imbalances of chi flow throughout body cause symptoms of ill health and by removing these blockages with hand pressures mental and physical health is restored naturally.

If you undertake regular Chinese massage practitioners believe the healthy flow of continuous energy can prevent stresses and disease.

What Are The Origins of Chinese Massage?

Chinese massage has been practiced for thousands of years, the record show unblocking chi was practiced as far back as 2700 BC by Chinese doctors and martial arts experts. The Tang Dynasty of 618-907AD lists 56 massage doctors in the imperial palace.

Massage practitioners also recommended dietary changes, herbal medicines, acupuncture, and exercise in a holistic approach to health.

What Techniques are used in Chinese Massage

There are two main types of Chinese massage.

  • Tui Na. Tui Na is a physical massage similar to deep tissue but with the aim of unblocking meridians and allowing energy to flow correctly. It uses a variety of different stokes such as chopping, pressing, squeezing and kneading on sore points.
  • Zhi Ya is more focused on the acupuncture point but instead of using needles pressing, stretching, pushing, plucking and pinching techniques are used.

Both forms are used to restore the proper flow of energy to the body and allow it heal itself naturally.

There are up to 70 hand techniques in Chinese massage that cover soft tissues pressure through to joint manipulation. You are unlikely to experience the same massage more than once.

What Are The Health Benefits of Chinese Massage?

Chinese massage is a popular way to reduce aches and pains and alleviate stress in our busy rushed world. It achieves this in a number of ways:

  • Banishes muscle tension

It releases tension and stiffness in the back, neck, and shoulders which turn reduces pain. Tense muscles and aches from sitting at a computer all day are massaged from the body.

  • Speeds up recovery time

Speeds up the recovery of soft tissue injuries by encouraging good blood flow. This helps oxygen reach injured tissue, healing it faster and reducing scar tissue

  • Boosts circulation

Boosting blood circulation re-energises your body and helps tackle problems such as impotence and high blood pressure. Improved blood circulation can also support the immune system making colds less likely and speeding up healing of cut and bruises.

  • Reduces Stress

Chinese massage is practiced with the aim of healing the body and mind. If you are feeling stressed and anxious unblocking energy lines and relaxing tense muscles can help reduce emotional tension and boost low spirits.

  • It helps insomnia

By relaxing your mind and soothing aches and pains Chinese massage can help reduce insomnia, helping you get a restful night’s sleep.

Chinese massage aims to promote mind, body and spiritual wellness by unblocking energy meridians and keeping them clear.