If you think a two hands are nice wait until you try our erotic four hand massage.

This session is for those who really like to turn the tantric pleasure levels to eleven.

While one masseuse works on your upper body, the other will work on your lower body, leaving no stone upturned.

They will also switch into a synchronized style to mirror what each other is doing to your body.

Having four kinky hands roam your torso is an absolute delight and a real treat for men.

So if it’s your birthday, or some other special day, why not treat yourself to some intimate tender loving care with two of us.

We will take care of your body and treat you to a four hands massage that will be both relaxing and naughty at the same time.

2 x 2 = A lot of fun

The best part of course is the ending.

Imagine two lovely ladies caressing your lingam and testicles at the same time while both gazing into your eyes and smiling.

Sounds nice right?

Then why not book an erotic 4-hands session with two of our sexy ladies.

Call us today and find which girls are available for a four hands encounter.

Incalls to the masseuses apartment or outcalls to your hotel can be arranged.