Lingam Massage in London

Lingam massage is a blissful, intimate massage that allows men to truly unwind and de-stress.

It creates delightful sensations and a feeling of total release through ancient authentic tantric techniques.

What is the Lingam?

In tantric practice, the penis is referred to as the lingam. It’s a Sanskrit term that means Pillar of Light. In tantric practices, the lingam is honoured as a channel of life, sexual pleasure, and healing.

What Are The Origins of Lingam Massage?

Lingam massage has been used for thousands of years in eastern practices as a way of relaxing and promoting healing in men. The practice continues today in the form of tantric massage that unites body and mind in erotic pleasure.

The lingam is a holy symbol of Lord Shiva one of the Hindi triumvirate of gods. Shiva’s sexual passion is often represented by Shiva Lingam – a phallic statue that demonstrates his masculine energy and powers of creation.

A lingam massage honours this connection, worshipping the phallus as a ‘staff of light and creation’.

What Techniques Are Used?

Tantric massage is a full body and mind experience and always begins with a shoulder and neck rub down to relax and get you in the mood for intimacy. This time allows you to wind down, push aside worries and enjoy the thoughts of lingam massage to come.

Worshipping the lingam involves many pampering strokes and grips across the genitals all of which are erotic and highly pleasurable, but the best lingam massage uses a variety of sacred techniques.

Sanskrit tantric texts recommend a wide variety of lingam worshipping techniques but some you may experience from the most talented therapists include groin massage, buttock stroking, and intimate perineum stroking.

The lingam itself is squeezed and pleasured with short and full-length strokes. You’ll also experience small circular motions on the tip of your phallus and twisting corkscrew techniques – all carried out by soft, warm hands and designed to bring ultimate pleasure to men.

Two oily hands will worship and tease your lingam until you experience release, but not too soon because the best tantric ladies can teach you to hold back and experience more pleasure than you thought possible.

After your lingam massage, you’ll feel free from stress, totally relaxed and ready to take on the world again.

What are the Health Benefits of Lingam Massage?

Lingam massage takes you to a magical place of pleasure and deep relaxation. It feels incredible and the benefits to your mental health are numerous.

The tantric practices of authentic lingam massage leave no room for anxiety and stress. The pleasurable sensations clear your mind bringing peace and relaxation in a pressured or busy life.

The physical benefits are just as powerful – quality pampering oils smooth and moisturise your skin, massage strokes boost blood circulation to aid firmer erections, and tantric release helps clears your prostate, releasing a build-up of fluids and toxins from the body.

Lingam massage in London is an exciting way to express your masculinity, unwind and de-stress without any pressure to perform or please.

Enjoy the finest soothing tantric experience possible with talented and authentic tantric therapists and you won’t look back.