Magical Mutual Massage In London

Would you prefer an erotic massage in which you don’t have to be passive?

Many men on the massage table are itching to release some of their sensual energy.

A Mutual Massage in London is the perfect antidote.

You might be wary of mutual massage as you’re not exactly sure what’s expected of you.

Here is everything you need to know to get a mutual massage in London.

What is a mutual massage?

A mutual massage is exactly as it sounds. Not only do you receive a massage, but you massage the therapist too.

While the emphasis is on your pleasure, you get the added eroticism of engaging the therapist with your own body.

Ultimately, you partake in a fully sensual experience, with all the expected give and take.

What happens in this session?

Both you and the masseuse will be naked in this session, which will take place on a massage bed as usual.

A mutual massage does not mean that the therapist will just let you do all the work.

She will use her expertise to give you a massage that is highly erotic and physically satisfying.

However, you are expected to engage in massaging her naked body too. How much attention you give her is totally up to you.

Men who choose a mutual massage generally want a high level of give and take. But if you prefer to be mostly passive, that is perfectly fine.

Why many massage therapists enjoy mutual massage

It should come as no surprise that mutual massage is a favourite of many massage therapists.

After all, they get to experience the eroticism too.

However, their enjoyment is not just from your massage techniques, and you do not need to worry about living up to expectations.

Rather, they enjoy it because they get to really connect with you.

It is not just another massage to them. It is a shared experience.

They get to know you intimately and form a shared understanding.

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Tips on how to massage a woman

If you’re unsure about your massage skills, do not worry. Your massage therapist understands that you’re not the expert in the room.

She will enjoy sharing herself with you, no matter the strength of your technique.

But, if you do want to do the best you can, here are some tips on how to massage a woman.

  • Start with gentle pressure…
  • …but don’t be scared to steadily increase pressure, especially along the less sensitive parts of her body
  • Communicate. She is an expert at massage, and can therefore tell you exactly what she wants and how to go about it
  • Escalate. Increase the intensity of the massage as you go. Try pressing down into spots that feel particularly tense or knotted. If the masseuse likes it, continue increasing intensity
  • Relax. Unless you go in punching, you’re not going to mess this up. Anyone can make a woman’s body feel good pressure. As long as you keep communicating her, it will be a great experience.