Japanese Nuru Massage London

Nuru massage is originally from Japan but has taken London by storm, come try one with a sexy Asian female.

One of the most erotic massage treatments you can have.

A nuru massage in London is a therapy you must try, and should be on every man’s bucket list.

The therapist will cover her naked body and yours in nuru gel.

(The nuru gel come from the leaves of brown seaweed, and is colourless, odourless and apparently tasteless. Nuru means slippery in Japanese).

Wow! Please give my thanks to May for a great nuru massage. Her body slides were amazing, and she is very attractive. Thanks for arranging the appointment. I will be contact again when I return to London.

— Deliou

Nuru massage gets a incredible amount of attention these days.

This mainly comes from the increase in popularity of adult video tube websites which have many videos of sexy women sliding all over the place, while doing naughty things with her hands or other parts of her anatomy.

Apart from the sex that might take place in these adult videos, what happens in them is not a million miles away from the truth.

Naughty Nuru Fun In London

Your chosen nuru masseuse will usually invite you into the shower where she will give you a very enjoyable body scrub.

She will make sure your whole body is clean and ready to receive this highly erotic massage.

Having a hot naked woman wash you all over can be a very thrilling experience just by itself.

At this point, while your body is still wet, the masseuse will guide you over to a blow up mattress where the main event will take place.

Now this is where the fun really starts.

Slippery Sexy Body Slides

You will lay down where the sexy massage girl will start to cover you in the infamous nuru gel.

Once the masseuse has applied the gel she will use her whole body to slide against your body, taken care to caress every part.

Some of the moves she does will feel incredible. The session will finish with a slow lingam massage.

Prices for our B2B Nuru Massage Session…

£150 for one hour incall

Many people think the whole experience is better than love making…

So if you have not tried one before we would definitely recommend it.

If you fancy trying a real Japanese nuru massage in London then browse our gallery and select the masseuse you want to see.

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