Shared Shower Followed By Massage In London

What’s the best way to start a sensual massage?

Simple. Begin with a shower.

This way, you’ll be clean, your skin will be soft, and you’ll be primed for all the benefits of expert massage techniques.

Add the massage therapist to the mix, and the shower takes on a whole new meaning.

It should be no surprise that a shared shower with massage is the perfect route to erotic bliss.

But what exactly happens in that shower?

Are there additional benefits to a naked, sensual cleanse with a stunningly beautiful woman?

Get clean

Although our London massage therapists don’t mind a bit of dirty fun, many men are worried about being clean for their massage anyway.

They think that if they don’t smell perfect or are sweating a lot in sensitive places, they will put off their masseuse.

These fears can distract you from having the ultimate massage experience, even if they’re unfounded.

Cleaning off in a shower before getting started is the perfect way to allay any of these concerns.

Priming the body

Aside from being clean, after a shower your body will be softer and more receptive to the massage therapist’s touch.

It will be primed to get as much benefit from the massage as possible.

You will also feel good about your body, meaning you’re ready to experience its sensations to their ultimate degree.


But of course, you’re not sharing your shower just for your own body.

While in the shower with the masseuse, you’ll be able to explore her body with your eyes, hands, and more. You will help clean each other, sharing this intimate experience.

You’ll get to feel the smoothness of her skin, her sensual curves, all parts of her body.

You share in foreplay, experiencing the eroticism before the massage even truly begins.

While you’re in the shower together, you can focus on her before the focus turns entirely to you. That’s not to say this shower won’t be about your pleasure. This is the perfect way to warm up for a full service massage in London.

She’ll be finding ways to pleasure you all the while, and keeping it all in mind to bring back and use over and over again throughout the massage.