Most tantra massages in London sessions start off with a traditional deep tissue massage to relax the body. 

The therapist will then have you turnover where she will start to focus on your more sensitive areas.

The main focus will be on the lingam.

The lingam is Sanskrit for penis. The lingam massage can be intense and very pleasurable. 

Using just her hands, the masseuse will caress, stroke and tease the lingam which will result in a fantastic explosion of joy and happiness.


A Tantric Touch From a Gorgeous Goddess.

To experience the full joys of a tantric massage in London you really need to have it done to you by a female who is trained in the authentic version of tantra massage.

Many masseuses and agencies in London advertise their services as tantric but this ends up being a boring rub down followed by an a quick hand job. I’m glad I found you guys.

— Ian, October 2017

This is the complete opposite of what a real tantric massage should be about, which is more about patience, control and well-being.

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The Procedure (What’s going to happen in the Tantra Session)

Authentic Tantra massage in London follows a similar process of normal massage, starting off with laying naked on a bed, mat or futon.

From here, the masseuse will give you a nice and relaxing deep tissue massage.

This will help relax the body and push any unwanted lactic acid out of your muscles. The masseuse will massage your feet, legs, buttocks, back, arms and legs.

About half way through your session you will asked to turn over to your front. She will then massage the front of your body including your feet, legs, thighs, stomach, arms and chest.

At this point you many wish to close your eyes and move into a slight meditate state as this will help relax your heart beat which will prepare you for the finale.

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The Ultimate Climax – find out why…

Your Asian tantric goddess will start to move her hands closer to your private parts, brushing the side of your shaft or testicles.

The last twenty minutes of the session she will intensely focus on massaging your penis.

At this point it is advised to take deep breaths to make sure you do not cum too quickly.

She will take you closer to climax but each time will hold back and focus on other areas before repeating the process again. 

Each time the sensations flowing throughout your body will get stronger and stronger until you eventually reach orgasm.

One aim of tantra massage is to achieve an orgasm without ejaculation. 

With practice and using methods of control, discipline and good use of meditative techniques, having an orgasm without ejaculating is possible to achieve.

‘This sounds amazing, I want one now!’

Not only does it sound amazing but it feels quite amazing too.

If you think this is a sensual therapy that you would like to try with one our talented sexy masseuses then we advise you to browse our gallery now. 

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