Naughty Tie and Tease Massage in London

A kinky therapy for those with a naughty side.

Let one of our masseuses tie you up, heighten your senses and then tease and caress your body. This is a very naughty and intimate massage.

Some say this is one of the most erotic therapies you can have.

The masseuse will strip you of one of your key senses, and this makes the mind automatically even more receptive which can intensify the pleasure.

How we tease all your senses…

Each one of the senses in your body is very important but if you loose one the other senses increase their productivity and become much more alert.

The sensual masseuse will use this knowledge to design a sensual massage session that feel very pleasurable but intense as the same time.

One of these techniques the masseuse will do is to blind fold so you can not see, you can only hear, feel, touch and smell.

She will then use objects such as silk and feather to softly glide against your skin. She will also gently brush these objects against your most sensitive parts of your torso.

As she does this she may whisper into your ear to create a very seductive atmosphere.

We will not tell more about what happens in the tie and tease massage as it will spoil the surprise, which is what this kinky session is all about.

All we can say is that it will be erotic, intense and very pleasurable.

Intimate Fun

If you are new to tie and tease then we strongly recommend trying it.

When done properly it can take erotic pleasure to a whole new level.

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